Fantasy Football Post Week 1 strategies

September 11, 2018
In this episode, Steve discusses how to make trades and what types of players should be targeted with the goal being to improve your starting lineup in order to make the playoffs in your league.  What do you do if you have Le'Veon Bell?  What about James Conner or Adrian Peterson?  Steve discusses all these scenarios and how you can use these guys to help you win.  Steve also touches on the Average Joe's Fantasy league and we would be amiss if we didn't make fun of him for...
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Fantasy Baseball Home Stretch!

August 17, 2018
Greetings!  In this episode, Steve discusses ways to get your teams from the bottom and into the money by targeting specific categories and bombing pitchers.  Not actually with bombs, but, well, you'll just have to listen to understand.  We would also love to hear about trades you've made or how your teams are doing, so please email us at and let us know how you're doing.  Thanks for listening!
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LIVE LIVE Fantasy Football Draft LIVE from B-Dubs!

August 14, 2018
In this episode, Steve drafts  a yahoo football team with his buddies Live from Buffalo Wild Wings!  There's plenty of noise, plenty of booze, and LOADS of fantasy madness!!  And there's even some analysis thrown in for good measure!  Email us at with your questions and we'll probably give you some great advice!  Well, we'll respond, that's about all we can guarantee!  Thanks for listenin...
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First annual Average Joe's Live Draft

July 08, 2018
in this episode, Steve, the Puma, and 8 Average Joe's listeners draft in the first annual Average Joe's listener league.  Steve breaks down the picks, discusses his strategy of picking 7 and why 7th sucks, and hands out grades to himself and the Puma.  There are several surpises as our listeners attempt to make Steve's head explode, but in the end it's a great draft and will be a fantastic league.  To join future drafts or to ask questions, email us at
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Fantasy Baseball Midway Point 2018

July 06, 2018
Greetings!  In this episode, Steve discusses his midpoint fantasy baseball season strategies for those who are struggling and for those who are doing well in their leagues.  He lays out players to look for to help you make up ground in the league while also advocating for boldness in order to crush the opposition.  For all you listeners out there, there are still open spots for our first annual Average Joe's listener football league this coming Sunday at 7pm.  It's a 10 do...
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