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Fantasy Baseball Yahoo 20 Dollar Pro League LIVE SNAKE DRAFT 2

Greeting to all the joes!  Thank you for again listening to what some (really only his mother) have said is the songbird of his generation.  But really, we have another LIVE twenty dollar Yahoo H2H snake draft.  In this episode, Steve picks 2nd and presents a completely different perspective to the draft than the first snake draft.  We have some craziness, some great picks, and advice that can help anyone compete for the title.  Average Joe's is putting on another listener league in the middle of March which will be a ten dollar yahoo standad scoring 12-team custom league where listeners can compete for real money against Steve and the Puma.  Email us for an entrance invite at avgjoesfantasy@yahoo.com and also reach out if you'd like some advice.  Thank you for being great!  

Brought to you by Steve Noordyke of Average Joes Fantasy Games