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Fantasy Football 2019 Live Yahoo $20 Pro League Draft 2 Snake!!!

Greetings!  Thank you for joining us for our second Yahoo Live $20 Pro League snake draft.  And in this draft, Steve finally gets to draft at the top, first overall in fact!  The first pick is a given, but how he sets up his roster and what goes through his mind for each pick is poetry in motion.  You get insight on how to make trades and Steve even drops some knowledge about how to run the wire during the season.  As always, email us at avgjoesfantasy@yahoo.com with questions and let us know if you'd like to be a part of our second annual Average Joe's listener league coming this July.  Ten bucks, standard Yahoo scoring, and awesomeness!  Thank you for being part of our little community.  Average Joe's out!

Brought to you by Steve Noordyke of Average Joes Fantasy Games