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Fantasy Baseball June Update and Strategies

Greetings!!  It's June and Steve is back after damn near two and a half months of laying on a beach in Bermuda.  If only that was true.  Our glorious host (yes, I was paid to say that), has had a couple months full of illness but has climbed out of the sick bed heroically (yes, I was paid to say that) for a baseball update.  In this episode, we get updates on all Steve's teams, a bunch of trades he's made, and what you can do to either increase your lead or catch up to the leaders in your league.  Steve get's all realpolitik on how to crush the bottom teams and how to injure the top teams in order to get your team into the money.  Players to target, players to sell high, and players to avoid totally (yes, I'm looking at you, Joey Votto).  Please email us at avgjoesfantasy@yahoo.com with trade questions or if you're just looking for advice on how to salvage your season.  Also, we do have a Twitter feed that we seldom use.  Would that be helpful?  Let us know and if we get some feedback, we'll make sure to engage the account.  Thank you again and apologies to all the Joe's for the prolonged absense.  Average Joe's out!

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