Fantasy Baseball 2019 LIVE AUCTION DRAFT--$20 Yahoo Pro League H2H Complete

March 13, 2019

Greetings!!  Whoa do we have an episode for you today!  Thanks for joining us and we're glad you're an average Joe like the rest of us.  Email us at if you have any questions or would like so advice and please please rate us on iTunes, it's a massive help.  In this episode, Steve takes us on the long and winding road known as a live auction draft.  This is a twenty dollar pay league, a Yahoo p...

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Fantasy Baseball Yahoo 20 Dollar Pro League LIVE SNAKE DRAFT 3 H2H

March 08, 2019

Greetings average Joes!  In this episode, Steve, drafting in the dreaded third position, tries to piece together a championship caliber team in this third live Yahoo 20 dollar pro league live draft, head to head format.  Steve is able to not only provide insight on how to pick from his least favorite position, but also gives the listener valuable head to head and roto strategies.  From punting saves to going all in with relievers, Steve explains the pros and cons of each as he...

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Fantasy Baseball Yahoo 20 Dollar Pro League LIVE SNAKE DRAFT 2

March 02, 2019

Greeting to all the joes!  Thank you for again listening to what some (really only his mother) have said is the songbird of his generation.  But really, we have another LIVE twenty dollar Yahoo H2H snake draft.  In this episode, Steve picks 2nd and presents a completely different perspective to the draft than the first snake draft.  We have some craziness, some great picks, and advice that can help anyone compete for the title.  Average Joe's is putting on another lis...

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2019 Fantasy Baseball LIVE SNAKE DRAFT 20 Dollar Yahoo Pro League!

March 01, 2019

Greetings average joes!  Thank you for tuning in to our first of several live draft episodes.  In this episode, Steve drafts a twenty dollar Yahoo head-to-head pro-league snake style as he believes devoting entire episodes to mock drafts is a waste of everyone's time and very little can be learned.  But in this episode, Steve shows us how to draft according to position and how to recover once a draft has gone sideways.  He also analyzes picks, teams, and discusses trade st...

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Fantasy Baseball 2019 Draft Day Strategies for Snake and Auction Drafts

February 28, 2019

Greetings!  Thank you for tuning in to Average Joe's!  In this episode, Steve discusses the strategies he employs which helped him to double his money last season.  He breaks down this year's snake draft positions, who to target, what positions need to be addressed, and how to make up for a bad draft once the draft is over.  He also goes into detail on how to be successful in those ever tricky auction drafts.  From money management to nomination strategies that have b...

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